Saints Row 4 features a dubstep gun, makes you President of the USA

How do you top the ridiculously unhinged Saints Row: The Third? Pretty easily, in fact. You top it by adding superpowers, by making the player President of the United States of America, and by giving them a dubstep gun. What's a dubstep gun, you ask? Well, obviously it's a gun that fires a hot blast of Skrillex, causing civilians to dance like idiots and any cars caught in the blast to bounce around on their hydraulics, having fallen victim to the irresistible power of the wub. Also there are aliens. More details lie beneath the...drop.

As VG247's interview with producer Jim Boon explains, Saints Row 4 started life as an expansion to the third game, before being spun-off into its own, larger thing. You're the President and the leader of the Saints, and you have to fend off an alien invasion after the 'Zen' decide to take over Earth.

In addition to a range of superpowers - telekinesis, freezing, super-strength and agility - you'll have access to a number of OTT, customisable weapons, including a head-popping laser beam and - ah yes - that famous dubstep gun. In the interview, Jim explains its origins.

"For example, the Dubstep Gun was literally on this email chain going around the office asking for weapon ideas. Someone had just written 'Dubstep Gun'. We didn't even know what the hell it was, but it sounded amazing. We knew there was something there so we just came up for more ideas around it."

Saints Row 4 is due out in August, it lets you be president, and it features a gun that shoots dubstep. Here's the wubwub-less announcement trailer from the other week:

Tom Sykes

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