Saints Row 4 survey asks about possible Collector's Edition swag

Saints Row 4

Deep Silver wants to include the players its decision-making process for the bonus items packaged in the Collector's Edition of Saints Row 4. In a survey guarded by a pair of friendly-looking penguins, the publisher lists several prospective trinkets for you to rate, and in true Saints fashion, they range from functional to silly to "what in the name of all goodness is that?"

Among the more innocuous-sounding items—a t-shirt, a world map, or an art book—are things you'd more likely find in one of those wood-paneled novelty shops in your local mall. Some choice samples: an auto-tuner, a "presidential briefcase with kinky handcuff and key," a "functional (not deadly!) in-game weapon replica," and the descriptive "ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights."

There's also a "dubstep doomsday button," which I imagine sends the world spiraling into a cataclysmic fate of endless bass drops and curtain hairdos at a single press. That's definitely getting my no—sorry, my "HELL NO"—but have a look at the survey yourself and share a comment on which items dropkick right out at you.

The bigger take-away is that this survey is a good idea—you may remember that Deep Silver's Dead Island Riptide collector's edition didn't go over so well .

Saints Row 4 releases August 20 in America and August 23 everywhere else.

Omri Petitte

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