Rust is getting a free Nvidia DLSS performance uplift in July

Rust May Update
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Nvidia is bringing DLSS (opens in new tab)—Deep Learning Super Sampling—to Rust early next month, along with a bundle of other games.

DLSS support for the survival game rolls in on July 1. It accompanies Nvidia Reflex, which was added back in May to help reduce system latency. The update should be a nice performance boost to players in what has traditionally been a bit of a poorly optimised game.

It's been a good year for Rust—despite starting off the year with its servers literally going up in flames (opens in new tab). The game got a huge visual overhaul (opens in new tab) a couple of months ago, giving it "a fresh look" and revamping parts of the world. The junkyard received a makeover, and bush displacement was altered to make base-building easier.

Rust isn't the only game getting support, either—Nvidia is also giving Lego Builder's Journey and Doom Eternal the DLSS treatment. DLSS for Lego Builder's Journey arrives alongside its June 22 release date, while Doom Eternal will get DLSS support when the ray tracing update drops on June 29. 

Linux users are also getting a slice of the supersampling pie (opens in new tab), with support for Vulkan games on Proton from June 22. Additional support for DLSS-enhanced DirectX games running via Proton will be arriving later this year.

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