Rust devblog details bandanas, quiver, hitbox fixes and more

Rust devblog

The Rust devblog continues to be a fun regular read, even if, like me, you've not yet set foot in its world of postapocalyptic naked rock-wielding murderous cavepeople. Devblog 73, like the 72 before it, details what developers Facepunch have been up to over the last week, offering an early look at some of the features, fixes and additions coming to the survival game in the coming weeks.

Look at these lovely new balaclavas, for example. They look like the heads of hollowed-out Sackboys.

Rust balaclavas

Rust is also (probably) getting bandanas and a quiver, along with some funky makeshift backpacks. On the fixes side of things, we can expect a revised hitbox system that will stop players from shielding bullets with their hands, the return of hit indicator sounds and visual effects, loot table changes, muzzle flashes and, oooh, lots more. At the end of the post, there's also a changelog for the most recent update—I'll paste that below.

  • Lots of tweaks to weapon deploy/swing/reload sounds
  • Rocket launcher volume fixes
  • Hitmarker sound tweaks
  • Gunshots and bullet impacts can be heard from further away
  • Large deployables new foundations
  • New room in Satellite Dish monument
  • Linux fix
  • Added improvised balaclava
  • Added boonie hat
  • Vagabond Jacket is less rare
  • Avoided Unity crash when starting with headphones plugged in
  • Fixed certain situations that could cause rubberbanding
  • Optimized server game saving
  • Airdrop event now pauses auto-saving
  • Fixed framerate spikes the first time an effect is triggered
  • Optimized ragdoll initialization
  • Made protocol mismatch message more descriptive
  • Headlook direction is now networked
  • Added mesh batching to compound walls and barricades
  • Improved server backup system
  • Reduced rain probability some more
  • Fixed duplicate barrels and crates after server restart
  • Drowning water level now matches underwater camera effects
  • Tweaked water drop overlay when swimming
  • Fixed console UI not refreshing when entering console commands that don’t reply with anything
  • Added hit notification with convar controls
  • Slightly increased depsawn times for bodies and dropped items
  • Dropped items despawn slower if they are more rare
  • Research Table success chance rounds down to match UI
  • Updated muzzle flashes to be non blocking
  • Updated hitbox damage scales
  • Wood armor is no longer default
  • Bone armor is no longer default
  • Viewmodels have less sway when aiming down the sights
  • Loot table balance for BP fragment system
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