Rush Grotto is a cute, fast-paced, free dungeon crawler

(Image credit: Daniel Moreno)

When you want to raid a dungeon but you only have a few minutes to spare, consider Rush Grotto: an extremely fast-paced, perhaps the fastest-paced roguey dungeon crawler you can play, for free, in your browser.

Rush is an appropriate term, as there's an alarming timer that counts down between every action. If it empties, you die, so you only have a few seconds to pick between your available actions. These are dealt out, seemingly randomly, as action cards at the bottom of the screen, and include walking, attacking, blocking and gobbling down health potions. Yes it is a bit weird to have to walk, walk, walk, walk, walk between enemy encounters and traps, but the game picks up steam quickly, throwing more complicated arrangements at you, every time you advance a dungeon floor.

It's a game with a simple art style, but one that pops as you play thanks to the pleasingly boingy visual effects. How far can you get before your flustered decision-making, or poor time-management skills, unravel you? Poke your head into Rush Grotto and find out.

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Tom Sykes

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