Runescape is turning 15, gets updates to celebrate

Runescape raids

Runescape is older than I was when I got sucked into its grinding, low-res innards. Those were the days—polygons the size of your fist and hours lost yelling about rune kite shields by Falador bank. As I understand it, things are prettier these days and there is a sky, in addition to modern MMO trappings like raids. I don't know where these crazy kids get their ideas, but Runescape's staying power is undeniable: it turns 15 next year and a raft of updates has been announced to celebrate.

The founders of Runescape, Andrew and Paul Gower will be returning to design a quest for the occasion, hopefully appearing in springtime, and Invention—a new skill!—will allow you to customise weapons and armour. The biggest news must surely be another round of graphical updates to try to hide some of the old girl's liver spots.

Weirdly, Old School Runescape, which is modeled after the 2007 state of the game, is due a whole new continent, Zeah. I know there was always the scope for Old School 'scape to develop along a path of its own, but crikey, a continent? Zeah will appear in three instalments, but what it will contain has yet to be revealed.