Rumour: Prototype 2 to be announced this weekend


The appearance of a series of clues makes it very likely indeed that this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards will see the announcement of Prototype 2.

Murder your Maker is the teaser site in question. It appeared after a series of images shown in the VGA teaser trailers hinted at an infected uprising similar to the one that occurred in the original Prototype. Now a short video has appeared on Murder Your Maker showing footage from Prototype, strongly suggesting that the announcement this weekend will reveal a sequel.

The first game was a psychotic open world brawler in which you played Alex Mercer, a hoodie wearing madman whose powers enabled him to fly, spear enemies with tentacles and form parts of his body into devastating weapons. In a quest to cure his amnesia he would go looking for important people, and then eat them to gain their memories. Prototype was completely nuts. Hopefully a sequel will give us more of the same tank-hurling carnage.

Prototype 2 isn't the only game being teased at this year's VGAs. Bioware are also expected to announce a new game. Think you can guess what it is? Check out the series of clues that have been released so far.

Tom Senior

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