More clues released for new Bioware game, another British connection

Mystery Game

Bioware continue to tease us with cryptic clues about their upcoming game announcement at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Atomic numbers, freezing temperatures and the British Secret Intelligence Service have made up the clues so far. Bioware have released another clue on Facebook, and it's another British connection.

The latest clue is another burst of visual static posted on the Bioware Facebook page . Once decoded, it represents the cover of an album by British punk rock band The Clash. Here is the album cover in question:

Our comment thread supersleuths quickly got to work on the last clue . Talon pointed out that "Secret Intelligence Services personnel are usually referred to as 'Spooks'. A 'Spook' in the literal interpretation is a ghost-like figure … and so is a spectre." Spectre being the name of the secret group of special operatives in Mass Effect. Rudorlf theorised it could be "Bioware's attempt of their own Alpha Protocol", chiming with a few others who thought it could be an espionage RPG, possibly set in London during the Cold War.

Overall, though, consensus had it that the new game was most likely to be Mass Effect 3, or some multiplayer derivative. The trouble is, the more clues Bioware release, the more tenuous the Mass Effect links become. Where do the Clash fit into all of this?

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