If you're also desperate to pad out your Honkai: Star Rail funds after that livestream, Summer Game Fest has you covered with a little treat

Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan with cards
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Honkai: Star Rail came out swinging earlier today with a bombastic livestream, teasing a staggering number of upcoming waifus and husbandos that are no doubt going to entice me back into the game and bleed my bank account beyond dry. As someone who's thirsty for some Stellar Jade—Honkai's currency of choice for pulling on character banners—it seems Geoff Keighley could sense my desperation.

Summer Game Fest is currently giving away 30 free Stellar Jade through its TikTok account. Is that a lot of currency? Hell no, but it's like, nearly 20% of the way towards a single pull. Anyone familiar enough with HoYoverse's game at this point will know to be grateful for whatever we can get our hands on.  I'll take what I can get.

So how do you grab the code? Simply hop onto the Summer Game Fest TikTok live and type "HSR" in chat. You'll be given a unique code for 30 Stellar Jade that you can then redeem either via the website or in-game. They're one time use, so you won't be able to pass 'em along to your pals, and regrettably you can't keep spamming HSR for a sweet infinite money glitch. HoYo and Summer Game Fest hates fun, if you ask me.

Thankfully, that's not the only code we've been blessed with today. As always, we had a few goodies drop during the livestream earlier today, and you can check those out along with a bunch of other Honkai: Star Rail codes that our guides writer Sean Martin keeps updated for all you gacha gamers out there. May your pockets be full and your pulls blessed always.

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