Roguelike RPG Legend of Dungeon launches on Steam today

Indie action RPG Legend of Dungeon launched on Steam today, capping a move by the game through the Greenlight program towards its eventual release. Beyond the game's colorful art style, LoD's randomized dungeons and single-player permadeath mechanic point to an interest in chaos and unpredictability.

"You and up to three companions are looking for treasure and glory in a dark flickering dungeon full of deadly," report the developers on the game's official website . "Legend has it there is a massive treasure all the way down on the 26th floor. Your quest: get the treasure, and make it back alive. Which you won't, you'll die..."

A roguelike beat-em-up, the husband-and-wife development team RobotLovesKitty found inspiration for LoD in the pixel art of Sebastian Van Hijfte, according to the developers' official website . But as we learned in peak at the game's browser demo last year , it took a move to Kickstarter to get the project off the ground.

In addition to the $10 LoD's single-player flirtation with deadly treasure hunting, you can also tackle the dungeon's 26 floors with a few friends through local co-op play on the same PC with multiple controllers. Check out the game's new live-action trailer below to see if it lives up to its mantra of "Expect anything. Die anyway." A video with what looks like an excellent flaming Minotaur—and a bit more in-game footage—can be found here .