Rodina release date announced, open space combat and exploration coming next month

Last month, we told you about the fourteen space games we were most excited about. Unfortunately, that list contained X Rebirth, which by all reports , has betrayed that excitement. We will mourn that loss as its dragged to the airlock and shot into the starry void. Of the remaining thirteen , Rodina is one of the biggest unknowns. Citing everything from Star Fox to Morrowind as influences, the indie space adventure lets you travel to the surface of its procedural planets without so much as a loading screen. Its creator, Brendan Anthony, has now set co-ordinates for launch, providing a release date of December 13th.

In his announcement post , Anthony is clear that this won't be the "finished" release of the game:

"Is Rodina finished? No- in two senses. First, I haven't accomplished everything I want to accomplish with it yet. There's a solid base- a huge solar system with massive procedural planets, complete seamless freedom, fun ship combat and a developed background story. But there's lots more work to be done before Rodina can deliver an RPG-like experience with interesting characters and emergent gameplay.

"Second, Rodina may never be "finished". My hope is to keep developing it over time, adding features and fulfilling requests. I look to the fans to help its on its journey, whether by buying the game, providing valuable feedback about where you would like to see it go, or by creating mods that extend the game with your own creative vision."

Some of its planned future features should warm the reactor core of any sci-fi fan, including programmable computers, NPC factions and functional cities. You can learn more about the game through my recent interview with Brendan Anthony , or by visiting the official Rodina site .

Here's an old trailer for a taste of what to expect:

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