Rockstar rolls back Grand Theft Auto 4 update that appeared to be corrupting saves

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

A fairly beefy Grand Theft Auto 4 rolled out yesterday, restoring a bunch of songs and radio stations that had been removed from the game earlier this year. It should've been good news—Vice City FM, one of the removed stations, "had some proper '80s pop bangers," and we could all use more of that in our lives—but it didn't work out that way.

As soon as the update went live, reports began appearing on both Reddit and in the Steam forums that the update was corrupting save files. At least one redditor said that completely uninstalling the game—including deleting the folder and savegames—and then reinstalling the game and using cloud saves got things back on track, but that's hardly a practical solution.

Fortunately, no harm was actually done to saves, and everything returned to normal when the update was rolled back.

"There was an issue introduced in yesterday’s update that temporarily gave the appearance that save files were destroyed and the update was recalled," a Rockstar rep explained. "The game should now be reading those save files correctly and we will redeploy the update as soon as we can."

Thanks, Kotaku UK.

Andy Chalk

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