Rocket League lines up customised training mode

Rocket League's next update will introduce Custom Training—a feature that lets "all of [its] players build and share their own training sequences within the community," so says developer Psyonix. 

Praising PC modders for tools such as Rocket League Trainer, Psyonix notes community interest and requests as the primary reason for its official training support drive. There's no word of a launch date for the update just yet, however when it lands players will be able to choose the map within which they'll train; the type of sequence they wish to train in (Goalie or Striker); the difficulty of the session (Rookie, Pro or All-Star); and which 'tags' best describe the training sequence (dribbling, wall shots, etc.)—the latter of which is tied to sharing the sequence online. 

When it rolls out sharing will not be cross-platform, however Psyonix says it's working with its console partners regarding future implementation. Here's Psyonix on Custom Training's specifics:

"What you'll see first is your 'Shot List' that contains every shot you’ve set up as part of your new sequence. From here you can pick a shot to edit, add new shots, or delete ones you don’t want to keep.

"Editing a specific shot is the most important aspect of this new feature. You can place the car and the ball wherever you want on the field and you can specify the direction and speed of the ball with a full trajectory preview that helps you plan things out. Each shot can be tested in real-time, modified, and tested again to make it quick and easy to develop your new training sequence."

Once shared online, a browse tab allows for easier searching, while saving specific routines as 'Favourites' draws up a list of your most visited set pieces. Besides cross-platform support down the line, Psyonix hopes to add a user rating system to browsing, as well as further sequence options—such as randomised shot lists, and more 'types' beyond Striker and Goalie—on the field.