Rock Band 4 for PC not likely following crowdfunding failure

Rock Band 4

When Harmonix announced a Fig crowdfunding campaign for Rock Band 4's PC port in March, it seemed unlikely to fail. In addition to bringing a very popular series to PC for the first time, it was also poised to better its console versions, what with Steam Workshop compatibility and (wait for it) mouse and keyboard support. Alas, it was not to be: the Fig campaign closed hours ago with only a smidgeon over half the funds it hoped to raise.

That figure is $792,817 to be exact, spread across 1,674 backers. That falls well short of the $1,500,000 Harmonix was aiming for. Once that goal was reached, Harmonix intended to add an additional $500,000 into the development of the port, which was to be handled by Sumo Digital.

So where to from here? Whether it means the end for Rock Band on PC is yet to be seen, but Harmonix has promised a post-campaign update, which will probably go live some time this week. I'll update this story when it arrives.

Harmonix managed to successfully crowdfund Amplitude back in 2014, which released exclusively for Sony consoles earlier this year. It hasn't been confirmed for PC, and in light of the seeming disinterest in Rock Band 4, probably never will be.

Shaun Prescott

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