Rising Storm "Banzai" community map-making competition winners announced

Rising Storm developer Tripwire Interactive has announced the winners in its community map-making competition. The “Banzai” competition awarded $25,000 in prizes to its top five winners, with a cool ten grand going to Maik Dokter for the map Phosphate Plant, pictured above. Dokter also snagged the $7,500 second-place prize for the Eastern Front–inspired map Myshkova River.

The maps offer a variety of locations to enjoy the chaotic violence of our 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year , including Phosphate Plant's burned-out industrial zone, the swampy marsh of Will Bullen's Kobura, the muddy pits of John Chalabi's Otori Shima, and the trap-infested jungle of Elliot Burgess's Kita Jima.

All of the competition winners and honorable mentions are now available on the Steam Workshop, with an official future release potentially in the works. The full list of winners, prizes, and honorable mentions is below. Congratulations to all the map-builders!

1st Place/Grand Prize ($10,000)

Maik Dokter (Phosphate Plant)

2nd Place ($7,500)

Maik Dokter (Myshkova River)

3rd Place ($5,000)

Will Bullen (Kobura)

4th Place ($2,500)

John Chalabi (Otori Shima)

5th Place ($1,000)

Elliot Burgess (Kita Jima)

Honorable Mentions go out to:

Johan van Pelt (Bataan)

Elliot Burgess (Streets of Stalingrad)

Maik Dokter (Tula Outskirts)

Martin Palko (Sub Base)