Rise of the Triad update improves performance, adds multiplayer maps, caps blood spray

Rise of the Triad is a messy game. Partly because eyeballs can burst out of a man's head and fly onto your screen, but also because its launch version had a fair share of glitches, exploits and performance problems. This first, massive patch attempts to fix those latter issues. You'll still be strafing through a procession of raining man-chunks, but at least you'll be doing it at a steady frame-rate.

In addition, the 'old-school' FPS is bolstering its rather good multiplayer mode with new maps. Five are being added, from a weird science tube, to a weird collection of chunky floating platforms. An update trailer takes you on the tour of these free battlegrounds.

In regards to bug-fixes, Interceptor claim over 200 issues have been squashed, ranging from individual level fixes, to a capping of blood spray to increase performance. Don't worry disturbed gore fans, you can still enable entrails through PhysX support in the launcher. What hasn't been changed is the campaign's infuriating checkpoint-only saving, but it's a good start nonetheless.

You can see the update's full scope over at the official changelist page . Rise of the Triad v1.1 is out now.

Phil Savage

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