RIOTs, legends, farming, and more in latest Steam Greenlight batch

Valve has picked out six more titles to advance to distribution through its Steam Greenlight program. Using a mix of criteria, Valve sees enough interest in these games to push them to eventual release. The following batch was announced today:

Riot game looks especially provocative when you consider recent political and economic tension in both the USA and Europe. The development team behind Riot is based in Italy, according to its official website , and is up front about wanting to communicate a really visceral experience from different perspectives. The team's director Leonard Menchiari is a cinematographer and a former Valve employee, according to its website.

The developers say they are trying to convey stories from actual "live riots" they will document in Greece, Italy, and Egypt, among other places. An ambitious goal for sure, but on the surface a very relevant one considering the conflict that exists in much of the world at the moment. I'm definitely curious how far the developers are able to build in an understanding of conflict from both sides, the police as well as the rioters.

I suppose the next step might be to crowd-fund a Slavoj Zizek simulator.