Rigged? Bungie just announced the winners of a Destiny 2 event that isn't due to end for weeks

The event isn't even over! This one is going to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, bring a shotgun. (Image credit: Bungie)

As a lifelong Warlock main since the launch of vanilla Destiny, I was delighted to log in at reset today and see that our class has won the 2023 Guardian Games. Let's gooooooooo book club buddies, etc. I was also a little confused, because the event only began this week and it's due to run until May 23. Even more bafflingly, another in-game pop up confirmed that Titans had actually deposited most medals and won the inaugural week. So, uh, shenanigans?

Before anyone starts accusing Bungie's dev team of being stacked with cheating Warlocks (how else to explain Starfire Protocol having gone un-nerfed so long), it's far more reasonable to assume that this is just another bug in a season that has at times resembled the insect enclosure at the San Diego Zoo. Guardian Games has previous form in this area, too. After 2021's event, the Guardian Games statue in the tower featured a golden lion, indicating Titans had won, when it should have been Hunters' snake instead. Hardly the most damaging mistake, but endearingly shambolic, and if I recall correctly it took a while to fix.

On a more positive note, the event itself is pretty good this year. If you're interested in more than just intra-class bragging rights, there's a new Strand scout rifle called Taraxippos up for grabs. I've already snagged a juicy Fourth Times the Charm and Hatchling roll for my Swarmers build. The event plays much as it has in previous years: You pick up contender cards for various activities from Eva Levante in the Tower, complete the objectives to earn medals, and then deposit them at the medal wall. Whichever class dumps the most medals each week takes the W, with the overall victor to be crowned at May 23's reset. Or today, if you're a Bungie intern with an itchy trigger finger.

To be honest, I don't see Warlocks winning out. Titans were miles ahead this week, and that's in no small part because they're absolutely dominant in PvP right now thanks to the Immortal SMG pairing perfectly with their Peacekeeper exotic boots. While the event is running, a special PvP mode called Supremacy is available that works much like Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty in that you score by collecting crests from downed enemies or teammates. Interestingly, Bungie has gone for a pure connection-based matchmaking approach this time, which has meant high-end players and streamers can pop off, while lower-skilled schlubs like me are likely to have a rougher time.

Taraxippos is a new lightweight Strand scout rifle that can only be earned through playing Guardian Games. (Image credit: Bungie)

The best bit about Guardian games, though, is that it's an easy source of materials like enhancement cores and prisms, which have a chance of dropping when you turn in the higher value medals. If, like me, you're wildly profligate when it comes to managing mats, this is the perfect time to restock. 

Meanwhile, in next season news, Bungie yesterday dropped a voluminous blog post which detailed the three new Strand subclass aspects launching when Season of the Deep drops. There's also some gorgeous key art that appears to show the return of Deputy Commander Sloane, previously assumed dead when the moon Titan disappeared. Is it me or does her hand have that smoky Taken effect? One for the lore nerds, but very interesting implications. I also love the new merfolk-themed armor teased in the art, again suggesting we may be heading back to the methane oceans of Titan. It's giving me Shape of Water vibes, and I'm already picking out shaders for my latest aquatic fashion masterpiece

Key art for Season of the Deep, which begins when Guardian Games ends on May 23. (Image credit: Bungie)

You know Warlocks are the best class because Bungie has chosen to balance them by giving them the worst armor this time. What the hell is going on with that cycling helmet?  (Image credit: Bungie)
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