Rift looking for closed beta testers

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The interdimensional fantasy MMO, Rift, is looking for testers to sign up for a closed beta. The game takes place in the fantasy world called Telara, a land threatened by rifts in the fabric of space that allow evil creatures to invade from other planes of existence. Players who are spoiling for a fight can even create these rifts intentionally, to fight off the invading hordes for sweet loot. Fancy signing up? Details follow.

Here's the developer, Trion's account of what beta testers are getting themselves into: "Featuring the first 20 levels of play, the “Rise of the Defiant” closed beta event will include the full starting zone for RIFT's techno-magical Defiant faction, plus the Plane of Death-invaded land of Freemarch. Players can tour the fortress-city of Meridian, and battle hordes of undead in the Iron Tomb dungeon." For guaranteed access to the beta, keep an eye out for key giveaways on the Rift Twitter and Facebook pages.

The beta's set to run from December 3rd to December 5th, and you right here . For more information about the game at over on the Rift site.

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