Resonance of Fate for PC appears on German classification site

Resonance of Fate didn’t exactly set the world on fire when the JRPG launched on consoles in 2010, despite a brilliant combat system, but it might be getting another chance to show off. A PC and PS4 version recently appeared on Germany’s video game classification body’s website

There’s no official announcement yet, so here’s an eight-year-old trailer.

It’s a bit of a gloomy RPG—it is the end of the world, after all. Everyone’s packed into a dystopian mechanical tower, the planet has frozen over and… no, that’s about all I remember. Well, that and the combat. It’s turn-based, but it’s got action sensibilities and lots of flair. Battles are tactical gun fights where you’ve got to worry about positioning and timing and managing your action points, but they transform into something considerably more flashy during hero actions. These allow characters to charge at enemies, doing spins and jumps and all sorts of fancy moves, all while invincible. Hero actions can also be combined to unleash tri-attacks involving the whole party. 

Sega perfectly sums it up in the video below. It’s Valkyria Chronicles meets John Woo.

 Cheers, Game’s Talk.

Fraser Brown
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