How to find lockpicks in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village lockpick
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Looking for the Resident Evil Village lockpicks? These tiny items are scattered all over the place, and they're always worth picking up if you happen to spy them. As you'd expect, there are also a fair few drawers that can be opened using these nifty tools.

You'll find that some of the drawers aren't far from the lockpicks. However, later on in the game you'll find that you're holding onto them for significantly longer periods of time. Here are all the Resident Evil Village lockpicks we've found so far (we'll update this guide once we've found them all) and all the easy-to-pick lock locations where you can find some valuable treasures and ammo.

Resident Evil Village lockpick locations we've found so far


  • In the tiny shack (toilet) in West Old Town.
  • In the West Old Town/Workshop well (requires Well Wheel).
  • In the window in the building next to the well in the Garden area.


  • On top of a cabinet in the corridor between the Dining Room and Kitchen (1F).
  • After completing the bell puzzle. Climb into the Attic and turn left to find boxes with the lockpick perched on top. Watch out for the enemy on the floor (2F). 
  • In the corner of the Armoury (RF).

Heisenberg's Factory

  • On a table on the left side of the Operating Room (B3).
  • In a cabinet near the drill (MB3).

Resident Evil Village lock locations

It's best to use your lockpicks shortly after you find them. You won't be able to return to some areas, like the castle, so you don't want to miss out on the treats stashed away inside. Here's where you can use your lockpicks to open drawers and cabinets.


  • The building to the left of the Workshop in West Old Town (left of the well): Sniper Rifle ammo.
  • The large building next to the Maiden of War well (check the drawers and cabinets): Shotgun ammo.
  • On the other side of the Maiden of War statue (opposite the one above) Head to the kitchen: Shotgun ammo.


  • Open the drawer, located in the same hallway (Dining Room/Kitchen) where you found the lockpick: Wooden Angel.
  • Head upstairs in the Opera Hall and turn right: Sniper Rifle ammo.
  • On the right side of the doorway in Bedchamber: Shotgun ammo.

Heisenberg's Factory

  • Head to the Foundry, then take the long corridor on the right. Open the cabinet (MB4): Yellow Quartz.
  • Open the drawer outside Heisenberg's Quarters: Magnum ammo.
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