Resident Evil Village is here and so are the Lady D cosplayers

Image for Resident Evil Village is here and so are the Lady D cosplayers
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It may be a shame that Lady Dimitrescu doesn't have more screentime in Resident Evil Village, but the internet is here to make up for it. Everyone's favorite vampire giantess has been a hit with cosplayers, and though her 9'6" frame isn't exactly easy to replicate they've outdone themselves anyway.

Former Olympic basketballer and model Ekaterina Lisina had the advantage of already being 6'9" tall. AllieCat managed to get herself up to 7'1" including the hat, though not without cost: "Fun fact: it took $100 worth or Bridal Satin for the outside of the Cosplay alone (not including the lining, notions or accessories) because she is so tall."

Some cosplayers have been streaming Resident Evil Village in their Lady Dimitrescu outfits, and it's a wonder the hats don't completely obscure the screen. Lindsay Elyse has been streaming it on Twitch, and you can see Galina Zhukovskaya play on YouTube in Russian while wearing a costume by Milligan Victoria.

Capcom are obviously aware of the promotional potential of Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, hiring Yaya Han to make an outfit from scratch. She managed to get not only that, but also a full set together for a photoshoot in only two weeks, as you can see in the video below.

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