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Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance gets its first gameplay overview trailer

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When it was teased earlier this week, Capcom described its forthcoming Resident Evil spin-off, Project Resistance, as a "team-based survival horror". There was little else in the way of solid information save a cinematic trailer, but now a thorough gameplay overview has hit YouTube, and you can watch it above.

As you probably predicted, it's an asymmetrical multiplayer game in the vein of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. Set in a labyrinthine research facility, it pits four 'Survivors' against a single 'Mastermind', and each of these survivors have specific rolls.

Judging by the trailer, Valerie is a healer and support character; January is adept at hacking security cameras and "damage"; Samuel is great at melee damage, and Tyrone is a tank (and also good at damage).

Together they must escape from the twisted Mastermind, ie, the fifth player. This is where things get interesting: while the survivors experience the game as a third-person horror, the Mastermind flits between security cameras, placing traps and monsters, turning off lights, locking doors and activating ceiling-mounted weapons. That said, it is also possible to control zombies for a limited time, when you must get up close and personal. 

The jewel in the Mastermind's crown, though, is the ability to inhabit the figure of the Tyrant, aka Mr X. 

The trailer advertises a closed beta test running October 4-7, though no details yet on which platforms it will come to. 

Shaun Prescott
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