Resident Evil 7's free Not A Hero DLC delayed

Launched in January of this year, Resident Evil 7 received widespread praise for recapturing the essence of the series, despite its somewhat contentious decision to switch from third to first-person view. Its Banned Footage DLC followed shortly after and another complimentary epilogue expansion, named Not A Hero, was promised to land in spring. That's now been delayed as it's currently "not good enough to meet [the] high expectations" set by the base game. 

That's according to game director Koshi Nakanishi who, alongside producer Masachicka Kawata and latterly executive producer Jun Takeuchi, explains where development is at with the Chris Redfield-starring add-on, and why it's not quite ready for public consumption. 

No hard release date has been given in light of the delay, however here's the dev team with the lowdown:

Besides the confirmation of series on-off protagonist Chris Redfield's inclusion, Capcom has kept the details of Not A Hero close to its chest. This remains the case in the face of the delay, however there's also mention of another expansion above—which may or may not be paid-for—all of which suggests Capcom is far from finished with its latest slice of survival horror fare.