Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC will star Chris Redfield this spring

Between Tim's thoughts on Resident Evil 7's first portion of paid DLC, and James' impressions of its second—Banned Footage Vol.1 and Vol. 2—it seems the survival horror venture's extra curricular material has been pretty superficial thus far. Not A Hero is due this spring free-of-charge and, if you hung around after the credits upon completing the base game, you'll know features someone called 'Redfield'. 

Capcom has now confirmed that, yes, this Redfield is in fact on/off series protagonist Chris Redfield. 

As tweeted by the official Resident Evil Twitter account, the co-star of Resident Evil, RE 5 and RE 6 will return in Not A Hero, however it's unclear at this stage "who or what" he's in pursuit of. 

Warning: Resident Evil 7 ending spoilers afoot.

Prior to this confirmation, players had already begun speculating (wrongly, it now seems) over Redfield's status within the latest game. After besting Eveline's mutated final form, protagonist Ethan Winters is rescued by an agent mercenary named Redfield who, at first glance, was assumed to be the familiar Chris. But as the camera pulls away, we notice the helicopter that you, Chris and a number of other soldiers occupy is emblazoned with the Umbrella logo—Chris Redfield's fiercest adversaries. 

How does this tie-in with the overarching Resi world, then? I don't know, but I guess we're sure to find out this spring when Not A Hero arrives.