Resident Evil 7 demo coming to PC later this month

Resident Evil 7's demo, The Beginning Hour, has been exclusive to the PS4 since the game was revealed at E3 2016, but PC players will finally get a chance to try it out for themselves later this month.

The demo has been updated twice since its initial release this past June, and Capcom announced today that the PC version will include the final "Midnight" update that launched on PS4 today. The final update was revealed at the PlayStation Experience keynote, alongside a new trailer which peels back another layer of the mystery (above).

The PC demo releases on December 19 with "a multitude of PC-specific settings and graphics options." You can check out the full game's system requirements here.

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24, 2017 with support for PC-to-Xbox cross-saves and 4K resolutions. However, it won't include any VR support, as the feature is unfortunately exclusive to PlayStation VR for a year.

You can read our preview of the Resident Evil 7 demo here. James called it, "As Resident-Evil as it gets," noting that while there are effective jump scares, "the real tension builds when you're given the choice between getting out as fast as possible, which is doable, versus spending more time in an uncomfortable, dangerous place full of enticing secrets."