Latest Resident Evil 7 trailer peels back another layer of the mystery

Resident Evil 7 releases next month, but Sony revealed a trailer at the PlayStation Experience keynote today that gives us a slightly better idea of what's going on in the upcoming survival-horror game. But let's be real, I'm still super confused and intrigued about everything to do with this game.

The trailer showed a lot of familiar-looking footage from past videos released by Capcom, but it does let us know that protagonist Ethan is looking for a lost loved one, possibly a significant other. Then it shows us a bunch of shots of the spooky mansion, the scary backwoods people who probably want to kill you, and creepy little girls, which are the absolute worst. The trailer ends with a shot of a woman, who seems like she could be Ethan's lady friend.

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24, 2017. It features support for PC-to-Xbox One cross-saves and 4K resolutions, and if you want to see if your rig can handle it, check out the system requirements here.