Resident Evil 6 gets a new trailer and release date

Not to spoil anything, but October 2nd is the release date revealed at the end of the new Resident Evil 6 trailer. More importantly, in that three minutes of undead sizzle you'll find plenty of old friends from across the RE series (Ada Wong!), an introduction to Albert Wekser's kid, a Far East location, and the horrific effects of the all-new C-virus.

In case you missed the first reveal trailer, we've embedded it below since it was pretty badass. It features three distinct playable storylines, but today's video straight out of Capcom's Captivate festivities hints that the globetrotting plot lines intersect with one another occasionally. Because who doesn't love an ensemble reunion!

If you're still confused, our buddies over at GamesRadar have not only provided a thorough breakdown of today's new Resident Evil 6 trailer , they previously stitched together the original trailer to better showcase the POV of playable characters Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Jack Wesker.

Obviously, PC gamers are aware that Resident Evil won't hit Windows day and date with the console versions (and Capcom's fact sheet says the PC version of RE6 is scheduled "to follow console release"). But if you look at the wait for RE5 on PC (5 months) and RE4 on PC (ALMOST TWO YEARS), we're optimistic that Capcom can close the gap a bit more this time. Or is that just blind hope?