Resident Evil 4 mod makes Ashley a bloodthirsty mouse that lives in Leon's hair

Leon fires a gun to the right while a tiny, mouse version of Ashley perches in his hair.
(Image credit: Capcom / cathroon)

Not even 24 hours ago I brought you the inexplicable-yet-essential news that legions of fan artists were turning Resident Evil 4 remake's Ashley into a tiny, cheese-seeking, and incongruously adorable mouse. Well here I am again with a new dispatch, live from this outlet's Moushly desk, to tell you that the dream has become real. 

Moushley Graham–Ratatouille Mod finally rectifies Resident Evil 4 remake's disregard for established canon, turning the president's only daughter into a small rodent who pilots Leon from his hair.

It's the first and only mod—for any game—from a user named cathroon, making them something like the Joseph Heller of modding, and it uses a Moushly model created by a Twitter user named TheComicFiend. Aside from the fact the mod uses the heterodox 'Moushley' spelling of the character's name, rather than the 'Moushly' rendition that I anticipate will be written into canon law at the next conclave, it's pretty much perfect.

"Take control of Moushley as she takes control of Leon, Ratatouille-style," reads the description, imploring you to "lay waste to some backwater Spanish village to rescue your human counterpart". Now that is tantalising. Is Moushly Graham not, in fact, simply a mouse-ified version of the traditional human character, but actually a separate character entirely, capable of existing simultaneously in the game's world? Some kind of cheese-loving Tyler Durden figure?

This is the kind of rich, nuanced debate that only becomes possible on PC, where revolutionaries can impose their vision on games in mods.

You'll need to use the Fluffy Mod Manager to install the Moushley Graham–Ratatouille Mod. Once you've got that downloaded, it's really just a matter of selecting the Moushly mod from the mod manager UI and, boom, you have a canonical and authentic version of RE4. Fair warning, though, cathroon says they've "never really modded anything before so expect this to probably be janky," but don't worry too much, they reckon it's "gouda nuff".

Joshua Wolens
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