Replaced is the cyberpunk platformer where you've been downloaded into a person

Replaced screenshot
(Image credit: Sad Cat STudios)

The 2.5D action platformer debuted its trailer as part of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, showing us a glowing red DOS-esque interface before cutting to some people running across a forest under an ominous siren. The main character is an AI that has been downloaded into a person, and they're probably not too thrilled about it—judging by the way they punch out the first person they properly encounter once they get into the city. 

According to developer Sad Cat Studios, the setting is an alternate 1980s, but the imagery in the trailer has some heavy cyberpunk style. The retro-futurism will do that for you—massive neon lights can only come in and out of fashion over time.

You can watch the trailer below:

Replaced is planned to come out some time next year, and you can find more from its developer at the Replaced website.