Remnant 2's first DLC, The Awakened King, is inbound—here's everything we know about it

Get ready for stormy skies, moody Elizabethan streets, and fantastic fae castles. We're goin' back to Losomn.

I booted up Remnant 2 earlier this week, and was quickly reminded of why it's still one of my faves from this year. It's a great third-person romp that's a mixture of soulslike staples and ARPG-style procedural generation. I must've had a premonition, because its first DLC has just been announced today. 

It's called The Awakened King, and it follows—you guessed it—the awakening of a king. Specifically, Losomn's One True King, whose extended nap has caused a lot of problems—not least because his mind has been poisoned by the Root, a world-spanning plague. 

Unlike a lot of Remnant 2's multiversal worlds, Losomn's actually two worlds smashed into each other like the worst turducken. Everyone's at war and no-one's happy. One of these worlds is Dran, a land of cobbled streets now dominated by an easily-angered hivemind. 

Now that he's awake, cursed with madness, and understandably miffed, the One True King's castle has been dropped into a coastal Dran town, and it's stirring up creatures from the depths. Here's all the juicy details I've been sent by Gearbox so far:

  • New Storyline, Dungeons and Area Based in the World of Losomn: Delve deeper into the land of Losomn and experience a brand new storyline about the One True King - whose mind has been poisoned by the Root and is out for revenge against those who oppose him. 
  • New Archetype - The Ritualist: Leveraging status effects to punish foes, this new Archetype is a master of pain and suffering. More details on the Archetype will be revealed closer to the DLC's launch. 
  • Many Items and Powerful Weapons that Enhance Gameplay: Outfit your survivor to survive this more deadly version of the world of Losomn by choosing from a host of new weapons and modifications, along with new items, like amulets and rings. 
  • New Bosses, Characters and Fearsome Creatures to Encounter: Mysterious threats and survivors, of unknown origin, emerge from the ocean depths and roam the streets bringing new challenges for all players. 

This is all interesting stuff. Particularly, the Ritualist sounds like a reverse version of the Alchemist, who's all about buffing allies (and is also unlocked in Losomn). I'm also excited about those new trinkets, seeing as a lot of Remnant 2's builds hinge on which amulets and rings you've got equipped. 

I'm deeply curious to find out more. For the uninitiated, your average Remnant 2 campaign takes you through three randomly-ordered worlds (plus the Labyrinth, and another that's a big spoiler), which are then built up with procedurally-arranged dungeons and story events. It'll be interesting to see how this new puzzle piece fits into that very tight campaign loop.

The Awakened King is the first of three planned DLCs, and there are three main worlds (Losomn, N'Erud, and Yaesha) so I'd wager the other two are next in line. I could be wrong, though, and it wouldn't be the first time Remnant 2's surprised me.

The Awakened King will drop November 14, and will cost $10. If you're in it for the long haul, you can buy the full DLC Bundle for $25 on the same date and get access to the next two DLC as and when they release. Owners of the Ultimate Edition will get all of them for free.

Harvey Randall
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