Mass Effect 3: Omega release date and details announced

Shepard and crew will be returning to Omega on November 27th in what BioWare promises is the most substantial single-player DLC yet. It'll run you $15/£10 worth of BioWare points to return to the crime-infested asteroid. Eurogamer has spotted what looks like a squad icon for Omega's warrior queen, Aria T'loak herself. Fitting, as she doesn't seem like the kind of asari that would let an outside team go take her domain back for her.

As we revealed in a previous article , the Omega DLC will involve reclaiming the setting of some of Mass Effect 2's most explosive battles from the hands of Cerberus and the Illusive Man. It's set before the events of the finale, and will presumably give us new options to pad out our warscores. Not that we need to, now that we can max it by being a BIOTIC GOD in multiplayer.