Mass Effect 3 multiplayer's Volus Adept finally assumes biotic godhood

Mass Effect 3 Retaliation Volus

Pandas aren't the only rotund energy-slingers buffing the bad-ass scales off the charts. The Retaliation update for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer added the trade-savvy Volus as a playable race, and the results sway between absolute adorableness and side-splitting hilarity.

Having previously established themselves as biotic gods , Volus Adepts adopt a pure support role with powerful shield recharges, cloak, stagger protection, and crowd-control efficiency endemic to the class. No other race simultaneously pulls off mowing down waves of foes while looking like a pink Winnie the Pooh quite as effectively. Personally, I'm giving my Volus a Widow rifle to see how the little guy brandishes a gun larger than him.

Omri Petitte

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