Redfall gets May release date and new deep dive video

Arkane's upcoming vampire-slaying co-op FPS romp Redfall showed up to the Xbox and Bethesda showcase with a hefty new gameplay video and a release date. The deep dive video was all about Redfall's open world activities, player skills, and vampire neighborhood lords. The launch date is a not-too-distant May 2.

Arkane went into a bit of an ode to its "largest setting ever," the island town of Redfall that stretches from its downtown shops, to a forest, to the boardwalk. There are also "home base" locations that act like safe houses for your squad to resupply and pick up missions from survivors—a fire station in the case of the new video. You'll be stomping off to exterminate vampires by breaking into everywhere from lighthouses to breweries to suburban homes across town. Beyond that, "psychic spaces" across the island will pull you into reality-bending vampire lairs and other pockets of less-than-real space to clear out.

My map-clearing-obsessive ears perked up as Arkane got into talking about systematically clearing Redfall's neighborhoods of vampires by scoping out safehouses and working your way up to fighting the blood sucker-in-chief of the area called its "underboss," each of whom has their own special abilities.

There's a whole 11 minutes of new footage to dig through for those curious about specific character abilities, vampire skills, and customizable bayonet-style vampire stakes you can attach to your guns. 

Redfall is now officially launching on May 2, 2023 on Steam, the Epic Store, and Game Pass. Or at least that's what Bethesda announced, even though both those store pages currently say May 1. I'll blame the time zones until we hear otherwise.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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