Red Dead Redemption 2 has a Hot Coffee mod, and Take-Two wants it gone

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Hot Coffee is an inaccessible minigame in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in which main character CJ has coffee with his girlfriend—except it's not coffee, but sex. It gained infamy when San Andreas arrived on PC and modders dug it out of the code, and even though the simulated sex was primitive and everyone was fully clothed, the game was quickly re-rated as "Adults Only" until Rockstar released a patch completely removing the content. It seems a bit overwrought now, but in 2005 it was a whole big thing.

In this new, more modern era of videogames, modders don't need to rely on buried assets and snippets of code—they can just make things themselves. And so it is that Red Dead Redemption 2 now has a Hot Coffee minigame of its own. It may not be around for long, though, as YouTuber Swegta said in a video that a legal representative for Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive has told the mod makers that they have to take it down.

The mod was uploaded to NexusMods on February 12, and apparently caught the eye of Take Two and Rockstar shortly thereafter: Swegta's video, from February 18, quotes an email stating that RDR2's EULA "prohibits acts like decompiling, preparing derivative works based on, or otherwise modifying the software," and that the code of conduct for online services "includes a prohibition on users creating, uploading, or posting material that is vulgar, obscene, sexually oriented, or inconsistent with community standards." The mod presumably violates at least a few of those restrictions, and therefore must come down.

Mod maker Unlosing confirmed with PCGamesN that a Rockstar rep did in fact ask them to take it down, but argued that it doesn't actually break any rules.

"The mod doesn’t contain any nudity or nude models, and only uses assets that are still in the game," they said. "The animations are from the drunk bar mission with Lenny (which are still in the game), and the ‘moaning’ noises are simply the sounds the [character models] make when they get injured. Also, they mention ‘online services’, however this mod is only available for single-player."

For now, Hot Coffee for RDR2 remains available, although you'll have to at least pretend to be of legal age if you want to look at it. I've reached out to Rockstar for more information and will update if I receive a reply.