How to find Capitale in Red Dead Online

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Looking for Capitale in Red Dead Online? Blood Money has introduced new rewards and bonuses, as we'd expect from a major update. But it also adds a new and somewhat shady line of work in the form of Crimes and Opportunities. This is where the new Capitale currency comes in, which is used to unlock the harder Opportunity missions.

As the name suggests, Crimes will involve carrying out morally-questionable missions, either as a group or solo. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, but don't know where to start, this guide will help you out. Here's what we know about Red Dead Online Capitale, including how to find it and where you can use it.

Red Dead Online Capitale: How to find the new currency

Crimes and Opportunities missions don't actually reward Capitale, but they'll send you to areas where you can find this new currency. When you're carrying out these missions, look out for Capitale hidden inside treasure chests and lockboxes, and don't forget to loot bodies, too.

Luckily, starting these Blood Money missions is pretty straightforward. Head to Saint Denis and look for the Blood Money marker on the map. If you can't find it, check your Documents tab to see if you've received a letter from Guido Martelli. You can find him in the central area, in the Saint Denis garden. 

Once you've talked to Martelli, you'll be introduced to the Crimes missions, as well as the various contacts that offer them—though you'll need to gain their trust first. The '$' symbol can identify these contacts on the map. They are:

  • Anthony Foreman: Radley's House in Rhodes or Doyle's Tavern in Saint Denis
  • Sean Macguire: Tall Trees or Great Plains
  • James Langton: Hennigan's Stead or Lake Don Julio
  • Joe: Osman Grove, New Hanover

You can also gain some Capitale from the Hired Gun Kit, vendors if you have the Red Dead Online gold bars to spare, or from unsecured homesteads or camps if you're out exploring in Free Roam.

Where to use Capitale in Red Dead Online

Opportunities are challenging missions that require Capitale to unlock. Only the Covington Emerald Opportunity is currently available with various difficulties offered—the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward. These are:

  • Standard Opportunity: 15 Capitale
  • Hard Opportunity: 20 Capitale
  • Ruthless Opportunity: 25 Capitale

Two more Opportunities are expected to unlock in the coming weeks.

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