Rebel Galaxy Outlaw comes out next month on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Double Damage)

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will launch next month as an Epic Games Store Exclusive. The Rebel Galaxy semi-prequel is set for release August 13.

Double Damage Games published a new video announcing the date, featuring the sarcastic alien Sandar we've seen in previous trailers. He's once again been roped into explaining the game's features, clearly under protest (just wait until he finds out about the plan to storm Area 51).

In addition to flying around earning money as a smuggler and shooting at rival spacecraft, you'll also be able to play pool and arcade games in between runs.

The original Rebel Galaxy, which launched in 2015, was a fun little shooter, and Christopher Livingston made a point of mentioning its lovely explosions in his review.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw looks to expand on just about everything its predecessor did before it, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing it in action—even if Sandar here isn't thrilled.