Razer's Viper Ultimate is a fantastic wireless mouse and it's on sale for $100

Razer's Viper Ultimate is a fantastic wireless mouse and it's on sale for $100
Save $50 on one of our favorite gaming mice with a sky-high DPI. (Image credit: Razer)

It's been a little over two years since we reviewed Razer's Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse, and it remains one of our top picks—it's the best gaming mouse around if you want an ultra-high DPI (20,000 in this case). Our main gripe has always been the price, but you can trap this rodent for just $99.99 right now.

That's $50 off its list price. This is the version that comes bundled with an RGB charging dock, rather than the mouse by itself. At this price, it doesn't really make sense to skip the dock—the standalone mouse is on sale for $92.99 (down from $129.99), and it's worth a few extra dollars to get the dock.

Sky High DPI

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse | RGB Charging Dock | $149.99 $99.99 at Amazon (save $50)
This is one of our favorite gaming mice, and for good reason. It's a wireless mouse that performs as good as a wired model, and if you like a high DPI, this one goes all the way to 20,000.

There's more to the Viper Ultimate than just a ridiculously high DPI. It tracks fast at 650 IPS (inches per second), it's relatively lightweight and comfortable to hold, it offers up eight programmable buttons, and is able to store up to five profiles in its onboard memory.

Razer rates the battery life at up to 70 hours per charge. When Samuel tested it for us, he said the actual battery life was not far off.

"I used it as my main mouse for an entire week without it running out of battery. When I measured it during intense gaming, I was draining around 2-3 percent per hour, which would pan out to somewhere between 35 and 50 hours of battery life. However, I was using the 'responsive' lighting setting, which illuminates the Razer logo on the mouse when you click: if you turned the light off entirely you could definitely squeeze more life out of it," Samuel wrote in his review.

It's also fast to charge, taking about two hours to go from 0 to 100 percent. The RGB lighting on the dock changes color as it charges, so you get an idea of where it's at. Pretty neat.

We linked the Classic Black SKU above, but the Mercury White and Quartz Pink models are both on sale for the same price as well.

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