Razer's Basilisk FPS mouse pairs a thumb clutch with a 16,000 dpi sensor

Many gamers will argue that nobody needs a mouse with an ultra-high dpi sensor. Be that as it may, if you want one, Razer has another option on the table in the Balistisk, its newest rodent with a 5G "true" 16,000 dpi optical sensor.

This is the same sensor as found in the popular DeatherAdder Elite (our pick as the best gaming mouse) and Lancehead Tournament Edition. It is purpose-build for first person shooters, though a high sensitivity sensor is not the only thing this mouse has going for it.

The Basilisk serves up an adjustable scroll wheel so you can customize the level of resistance to your preference. This is something that you will do in the middle of a firefight—the dial that adjusts the resistance is found on the underside of the Basilisk.

"This can be especially useful for gamers who bind jump to their scroll wheel and are looking to adjust the jump activation to a preferred level of resistance," Razer says.

Gamers will also find a removable clutch on the side of the mouse. By default, the clutch is programmed to temporarily lower the dpi setting when held down, and then return to normal after letting it go. However, it can be programmed for other tasks. It also comes in two different lengths to accommodate different hand sizes. Or you can remove it altogether and plug in an included rubber thumb cap.

Finally, Razer touts mechanical mouse switches, which it says are good for 50 million clicks. There are eight programmable buttons in all.

The Basilisk is available now direct from Razer for $70.

Paul Lilly

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