Razer launches an ambidextrous wireless laptop mouse for work and play

We are big proponents of wireless mice, so long as they are designed with performance in mind. With that in mind, we're cautiously optimistic that Razer's new Atheris mouse can live up to the claim of "lag-free wireless gaming-grade performance."

Razer feels pretty confident about this one. It considers the Atheris to be the "ultimate wireless notebook mouse," whether you plan to use it for productivity chores, playing games, or both.

Either way, Razer touts the "world's longest-lasting battery life," which it qualifies as being among mobile productivity mice with gaming grade. In this case, the Atheris features a 7,200 dpi optical sensor and up to 350 hours of continuous use on a single pair of AA batteries, albeit in Bluetooth LE mode.

For gaming, Razer includes an optional 2.4GHz wireless dongle and notes that battery life can vary by connection type. Like Razer's Lancehead, this is another rodent that is armed with the company's proprietary Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT). What this does is seek out the strongest signal with the least amount of interference.

"This advanced wireless technology constantly scans frequency channels in millisecond intervals for any form of interference, and seamlessly switches frequency to allow for a perfectly lag-free data transmission from your gaming mouse to your system," Razer explains.

Built for mobility, the Atheris is comparatively compact measuring 99.7mm (L) x 62.8mm (W) x 34.1mm (H). The 2.4GHz dongle fits in the body of the mouse.

This is an ambidextrous mouse. It offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, has a gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel, and five programmable buttons via Razer Synapse 3.

The Atheris is available now for $50 (€60). Also be sure to check out our current picks for the best wireless gaming mice and best wired rodents.

Paul Lilly

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