Razer is selling all its peripherals for 50 percent off for 24 hours


Razer is about to start a quick 24 hour sale on all its peripherals, excluding systems. This "Fan Appreciation Event" is to celebrate Razer winning the "Best of CES People's Choice" award for the sixth year in a row.

The offer is open to all fans on Razer Insider, and you'll need to have a Razer ID linked to Insider. If you use any of Razer's products with Synapse, you should have an ID already. Once you login, you'll get a discount code for the sale.

The 24 hour sale starts at 6pm PST on January 14 for fans in North America, 10am SGT on January 15 in Asia Pacific, and 10am CET on January 15 in Europe. Stocks are finite, but don't worry about the later start time if you're in Europe, as stocks are separate for each region.

Bear in mind that you're limited to just one item to ensure as many people as possible get in on the sale, so make it count. Razer points out that your order will only be confirmed when you have completed your purchase and have received a RazerStore Order Confirmation notification.

An update to the sale's information says that "due to popular demand, we're lining up limited-time offers on qualifying Razer Blade and Blade Pro systems. Keep a lookout for them." These systems are unaffected by the discount code.