Rayman Redemption is a slick fangame remake

The original Rayman was a 1995 platformer for the Atari Jaguar that was eventually ported to basically everything, including a DOS version in 1996. Rayman Redemption by Ryemanni is a reimagining of it that features "new worlds, levels, minigames and stuff to collect and complete." It's an extremely professional-looking project, and the full version is available now.

These days Rayman is probably just as well-known for spawning the Rabbids spin-offs as his own series. Despite having a kid-friendly tone and a protagonist only a 12-year-old could possibly think is cool, the original was a bastard-hard platformer. Fortunately for players traumatized by their memories of the Mr. Sax level, Rayman Redemption has an option for casual difficulty, alongside classic difficulty for the masochists.

Rayman Redemption is hosted on GameJolt, which has long been home to non-commercial fangames featuring characters like Sonic and Mega Man, as well as Ryemanni's previous project, The Spooky Raymansion. Still, a bunch of comments section lawyers who use the abbreviation DMCA like they learned it yesterday will be along shortly to tell us all what a bad idea this is. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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