Raven's Cry plots course for late November

Raven's Cry

Remember Raven's Cry? Frankly I'd be surprised if the answer was yes. Last I heard, Reality Pump's piratey RPG had been given a 7th May, 2014 release date, then it was pushed back to 14th October. If you were hoping to be roleplaying as a pirate who hates other pirates next week, prepare for disappointment: Raven's Cry has been delayed yet again, this time to the 27th of November. The team explained the situation in this update on the game's Steam page, using all the pirate metaphors known to mankind, along with some extra ones they discovered at the back of the poop deck.

Reading between the metaphors, it seems the game isn't running quite as well as Reality Pump and Topware were hoping, and so Raven's Cry will be "arriving in port a bit late. [...] We could have just sped through these treacherous waters—land was right over the horizon! But no captain worth his salt would put his ship on such a perilous course; after all, we’re beholden to our loyal fans and our extraordinary community to deliver an exciting and perfect pirate adventure."

The boxed PC and console versions of Raven's Cry will now arrive next year, giving PC players a few months' headstart on the game's third-person roleplaying, action, sailing and revenge-having. Will it be any good? It's being developed by Reality Pump, makers of budget, kind-of-fun fantasy series Two Worlds, so the answer is a resounding *shrugs shoulders*.

While we wait, there's always the similarly pirate-based Risen 3: Titan Lords, which Leif Johnson liked quite a bit back in August.

Tom Sykes

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