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Rainbow Six Siege's forthcoming Theme Park map showcased in new trailer

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Ubisoft has released some footage of Rainbow Six Siege's forthcoming Theme Park map, and it's very moody indeed. The map will rollout alongside the Operation Red Orchid expansion, which will also feature two new operators – though details on these won't be released until Gamescom later this month.

In a blogpost, the game's Assistant Art Director and Production Manager weighed in on the  map's inspirations. On the topic of the map's strange, urban-fringe atmosphere, Frederique Roussel explains that "the real estate market is sometimes ahead of demand [in Hong Kong].

"For this map, we wanted to portray a site that was not successful, a theme park that was built very quickly, and was lost just as fast.”

I for one am looking forward to blowing holes in walls throughout this theme park in the very near future. There's still no firm release date, but I'd imagine it'll release during Gamescom on August 26. The full blogpost is over here, and is worth reading if you're interested in some of the design decisions.

Check out the video:

Shaun Prescott
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