Rainbow Six Siege is fixing that bizarre recoil bug tomorrow

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Rainbow Six Siege's next patch is targeting a bundle of annoying bugs introduced at the start of the Crimson Heist season last week. Chief among them is the truly bizarre recoil bug that's sending bullets off course. Patch Y6S1.1 is coming to PC tomorrow and will later drop for the consoles (once Microsoft/Sony give the thumbs up).

Ubisoft is releasing full patch notes as the update comes out tomorrow, but here are the highlights of what's getting addressed:

  • Recoil bug
  • Knife peek exploit
  • Match cancellation abuses
  • Drone crouch peek exploit
  • Drone spawning in vent (Border)

You might not have noticed the unintended recoil change if you haven't played a ton of Siege lately (me), but it's certainly disruptive enough to cause issues in a firefight. Basically, vertical recoil will randomly stop applying to any gun while firing, causing players to overcompensate recoil and yank their aim downward. It happens so fast that it's difficult to tell what's even happening. Siege pro player Pengu highlighted the off-kilter aim bounce in the video below.

Blink and you'll miss it—you can see by the bullet impacts on the wall that the occasional shot veers downward. The bug isn't game-breaking by any means, but serious players and pros have been particularly irked.

A new exploit that allows players to instantaneously lean in either direction is also getting squashed in Y6S1.1. The new trick hasn't become too widespread (unless you're playing against the sweatiest Plats and Diamonds that Siege has to offer), but it's arguably a bigger deal than any recoil bug. By meleeing and leaning simultaneously, you can completely bypass the lean animation and basically teleport to the left and right. If I took a shot to the head by someone who magically appeared around a corner, I'd be pretty livid.

Thankfully, I won't have to be nervous about that hypothetical much longer. As a longtime Siege fan, it's nice that Ubisoft is finally able to fix issues like this in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Now if it could just do something about the nasty chat bug that randomly locks me out of team voice chat, that'd be grand.

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