Rainbow Six Siege player hacks drone that hacks drones to somehow kill player with their own claymore

rainbow six siege brava
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There was a time when the most complicated device in Rainbow Six Siege was an iPad that detects heartbeats. I imagine all of the CS:GO players who bounced off of Siege after getting spotted through a wall in 2015 would run for the hills if they knew what was possible in 2023. Thanks to Siege's newest attacker, Brava, you can't even trust your own claymores not to kill you.

Case in point: this downright absurd clip from Reddit user DansomeWoja, in which they manage to kill an enemy without ever firing a gun or being in the same room as them. DansomeWoja, who is playing the defender Mozzie, kills the opposing Brava player with a drone. Except the drone itself doesn't deal the killing blow: Mozzie uses it to hack and detonate a claymore. And that drone? It doesn't even belong to Mozzie. That's actually Brava's drone! 

a_bravas_worst_nightmare from r/Rainbow6

Rainbow Six Siege is wild, I'll explain: The new piece of kit Brava brings to Siege is the Kludge drone, a boxy RC car with the unique ability to hack defender gadgets from a distance and steal them for her team. She can switch the allegiance of just about anything—cameras, healing bots, traps, even other drones. This alone makes the Kludge an incredibly powerful gadget in theory, but its usefulness is dependent on driving it through a warzone without catching a bullet (or something worse).

The "something worse" is where Mozzie comes in. Mozzie is a defender who can ensnare attacker drones with tiny robotic facehuggers to steal them for the defending team. If Mozzie manages to capture one of Brava's Kludge drones, he gains the usually unique-to-Brava power to switch the allegiance of attacker gadgets, which is exactly what happened in the clip above:

  1. Brava drives drone into Mozzie's trap
  2. Mozzie takes over drone
  3. Brava places claymore while she deploys her backup drone
  4. Mozzie finds claymore, hacks it with Brava's drone
  5. Brava leaves drone view, walks into her own claymore, and dies

This is my way of telling you that, as Ubisoft's star FPS enters its eighth year with its 67th new operator, it's still capable of surprises. Some days I wish for a return to when Siege was a lower-tech tactical shooter and I didn't have to contend with its most outlandish gadgets, like Aruni's laser gates or Iana's hologram, but I tend to think that the more Siege leans into its gadget-centric meta, the more distinct its identity becomes from the Apex Legends and Valorants of the world (both games that borrowed heavily from Siege in designing their own rosters). 

I absolutely love what I've seen of Brava so far and think her rivalry with Mozzie will produce more delicious back-and-forths like this one. I suspect what you've witnessed today will either make you never want to experience the cat-and-mouse shadow war of Siege's unarmed infantry or install the game right now and try to recreate this. I'm definitely the latter.  

Brava is available to play right now on the Siege technical test server, but she'll join the roster for real when Operation Command Force begins on March 7.

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