Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow DLC comes to season pass holders next week

The Rainbow Six Siege DLC Operation Red Crow, which will bring Japanese operators Echo and Hibana to the fight as well as a new map called Skyscraper, will go live for season pass holders on November 17, and November 24 for everyone else. Ahead of that, from November 11 to 13, Ubisoft will make the game free for everyone.   

We got a look at the offensive operator, Hibana, a few days ago, and now we've got the lowdown on the defending operator, Echo. He's "a tactical and technology-driven Operator, is also equipped with the SuperNova, along with the MP5SD4 as primary weapons, allowing him to proceed rapidly and precisely in Close Quarter Battle contexts," Ubisoft said. Both are members of Japan's Special Assault Teams, an anti-terrorist branch of the nation's police forces operating under the supervision of the National Police Agency. 

Exact start and end times for the free weekend weren't announced, but at 9:45 pm PT on November 13, presumably after the free-play period has wrapped up, more information about Operation Red Crow will be revealed during a livestream at twitch.tv/rainbow6. In the meantime, you can lay your eyes on all Ubisoft has revealed about the DLC at rainbow6.com

Andy Chalk

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