Rainbow Six Extraction reintroduced with new gameplay trailer and cinematic

Ubisoft finally re-unveiled Rainbow Six Extraction during this year's Ubisoft Forward stream, and kicking off the festivities is a fancy new cinematic trailer. In the trailer we see Rainbow Six Siege operators like Sledge, Lion, Ela, and Vigil on a mission to save Hibana from the Archaeons, Extraction's zombie alien threat.

That's neat and all, but Ubi followed up the pretty trailer with a proper gameplay overview that finally shows how Extraction will actually play. We got our first look at an average mission in Extraction, skulking through a map and taking out alien zombies (called parasites) that get in your way. Unlike Left 4 Dead, which mostly focuses on getting from point A to B, Extraction is more objective focused.

Watch the gameplay overview below.

Ubi also detailed the titular "extraction" mechanic that allows squads to finish their mission before all three objectives are finished to bank the XP you've earned so far. And it's also hard to miss the Sprawl, that black gooey stuff that so many of the rooms in the trailer are coated in. Operators seem to slow down when they walk through it, but it can be cleared with gunfire.

We'll have more to share on Rainbow Six Extraction soon, so keep an eye out.

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