Rainbow Six Extraction getting a day-one release on PC Game Pass

rainbow six extraction
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Rainbow Six Extraction (opens in new tab) will be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass owners.

Ubisoft's gooey-looking co-op shooter is finally arriving on January 20, following an unfortunate delay from its initial September 2021 release date and an even more unfortunate name change (opens in new tab) last June—Rainbow Six Quarantine was hitting just a little too close to home in the world's current dumpster fire. It's built off Rainbow Six Siege's characters, shooting and movement, so people familiar with the competitive shooter should feel right at home in Extraction's world. If you've yet to play Siege, Ubisoft is popping that on PC Game Pass on January 20, too.

If you're not a PC Game Pass subscriber, Ubisoft also announced it was knocking the price down by $20 (opens in new tab) back in November, giving staff writer Morgan Park the impression that Extraction is going to be more condensed than Rainbow Six's usual large-scale affairs. 

Morgan checked out Rainbow Six Extraction in last June's preview (opens in new tab), enjoying its Siege-style shooting but disappointed that it failed to draw from other great aspects of its source material: "It feels weird to play a game that looks, sounds, and feels just like Siege and yet ignores some of its best qualities. Still, it's understandable that a completely different team would adopt Siege's framework and take it in a different direction. I'm just not sure if that direction is particularly exciting yet. The objective and enemy variety is a promising start, at least."

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