Rain World patch fixes some niggling player concerns

Ah, Rain World. Killer of slugcats, destroyer of dreams. The challenging survival platformer has just received its first patch, and it does a pretty good job of fixing some common complaints, without making it "easier" per se. For example, now you're far less likely to get caught in a tunnel you don't want to get caught in, thanks to "disconnected exits" (ie tunnels to nowhere) no longer snagging you.

Elsewhere, slugcat will have a subtle glow when navigating murky water, meaning – generously! – that you'll be able to see yourself. You'll also have a larger lung capacity while swimming. More food has been added to certain regions (read the full notes if you want, names could be considered spoilers), while certain gated areas will be easier to access (ie, the rank you need to be to pass has been lowered).

To be honest, as much as I loved Rain World at launch I think these changes are welcome. They don't sound like they'll take the edge off the game, but it'll mean playing it will be a little less punishing. The full notes are over here, but beware of region name spoilers if that kind of thing annoys you. Oh, and if you've just started, I wrote up some beginners tips last week.

Shaun Prescott

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